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Procedure Information


Below is information you will need to know prior to your procedure. For colonoscopies, please also review the Bowel Prep instructions for your designated prep.

Please arrive at the designated arrival time listed on your procedure order.

All procedures require patients to have a driver as you will be sedated for the procedure.

We require 3 business day notice to cancel or reschedule procedures. Patients who do not provide such notice, may be charged a $150 late cancellation fee at the doctor's discretion. Patients who do not show up for their schedule procedure may also be charged a $150 no-show fee.

Procedure Information for Colonoscopy & Upper Endoscopy

Information about your Capsule Endoscopy

Prep Instructons






To print the instructions for a bowel prep for a colonoscopy, please check your prescription or order form to obtain the prep name. All colon prep kits need to be obtained at the pharmacy with a prescription. We recommend getting your prep kit several days prior to your procedure. If you were given the MiraLax/Dulocolax OTC prep, review your instructions for what you will need to buy over the counter.

If you encounter a problem completing your preparation, please contact the doctor on call at 757-826-3434. 

MiraLax/Dulcolax Laxative OTC Instructions


MoviPrep Instructions

SuPrep Instructions

GoLytely/GaviLyte Instructions

Prepopik Instructions


Clenpiq Instructions

Plenvu Instructions

SuTab Instructions

Bowel Prep Instructions

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